Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Housebreaking - Pets, Understanding Your Dog

Housebreaking your puppy or older dog can be successful.

You love your dog with all your heart. But, is that enough? Love is not just a soft human emotion, but to get this job done you'll have to dig deeper and find some TOUGH LOVE. If you are not providing tough love to your dog and he is not completely housebroken, you will discover that your relationship will always have stress. I've seen this happen and it is truly heartbreaking.

So let's talk about how we can avoid this problem...
First, consistency is key. No matter if it is the time you take your dog outside to relieve himself, the door you use to go outside, or even the same words you say to tell him it is time to go outside, consistency is your most valuable too.

Take a second and think how a dog want your dog to understand what you want. By doing the same thing over and over, your puppy will see the pattern and begin to understand what comes next. Dog are canines and live in packs. They want to "follow the leader" which is you. They also want to please you. So each time your dog does the right thing, praise him. If you just hit him over the head with a newspaper when he has an accident, he will begin to hate the newspaper. By praising him when he does the correct behavior (give him a biscuit too, if you want) he will remember this and want more... so he'll do the correct behavior again and again to get more praise and/or more biscuits.

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