Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dog Calorie Counter - Is Your Dog Eating Healthy ?

Check out the brand new... DOG CALORIE COUNTER. It is here for you to try, or copy and send to family and friends.

As we all know, you can't do your best when you don't feel well. As much as we try to get ourselves up and out of the house, it's hard to find enough time to exercise. So, when we don't move around enough and we keep eating, a few pounds are eventually added to the scale.

Did you ever think this could happen to your dog? If your dog isn't physically fit, how will he be able to enjoy playing with you let alone want to be trained? Keep in mind that adding a few pounds can easily happen to your canine, just as it happens to the best of us. Overeating or just eating the wrong food can cause weight gain. Eating foods with lots of fillers and poor nutritional content is also a concern. As humans we are more conscientious of our health, we feel every ache and pain, but we also need to be advocates for our pets. Poor nutrition and weight gain in our pets will not only make them move slower, but more prone to developing life-long diseases.

With that in mind... check out my new calorie counter. Enter the info about your dog and see how many calories he should have daily. Then check on your current dog food label to see how they compare. Are you giving too many calories to your pet? Don't forget to add in any other biscuits, cookies or treats he gets. It's surprising how quickly the calories add up... don't we know it !!

Check with your Veterinarian to see if you pet needs any special vitamins or minerals to supplement his diet. Different dog breeds have different needs. Then keep him on a healthy track giving him healthy food, treats and snacks. Did you know that dogs love vegetables ? Crazy, but true. They love the crunch, they are low-calorie and have lots of vitamins and fiber! We always have lots of them in our house.

Discover how easy it can be to make homemade treats or meals for your dog. Click here to find my favorite homemade dog food and homemade dog biscuit recipes.

There are many great ways to keep your dog healthy - lots of exercise, water, love and good nutrition.

Until next time...Woof Woof

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